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Many people require a little extra help from a tax preparation company in Hermiston or Pendleton, OR when they go to file their taxes for the year. The reason is that the tax laws in this country are extremely complex, and it can be a major challenge to try to explain to someone who is not familiar with how these things work the intricate ways that tax law issues are resolved.

Needless to say, there are more than a few people who end up quite confused and frustrated by the ways that the laws are written, and that is why they come to us at Connell & Associates LLC.

Tax Preparation and Tax Planning

We offer services in business and personal tax preparation and tax planning. These services are extremely useful to our customers because they give them back some peace of mind that their tax situation is taken care of. We know that no one appreciates it when they are struggling to figure out how to get their taxes taken care of, and we certainly understand the desire from most people to simply get this problem taken care of and move on with their lives. Thus, we offer tax preparation and tax planning to help get past this stressful time of year and on to the next thing.

Individual Consultations

If you are an individual looking to get your tax situation taken care of, we want to work with you. You might think that your tax situation isn’t overly complex and that you can handle it all on your own, but this is not recommended. If you are not working with a professional, then you are putting a lot at risk. We strongly encourage you to get in touch with someone from our team who knows what they are doing and how to help you. Allow us to work with you to make your life a bit easier and help you receive the care that you need so you aren’t left scared about what steps to take next.

Business Consultations

Another area where we can be extremely helpful is with business consultations. The tax situation for businesses is even more complex and challenging than for individuals. That is why we step in to help guide our customers toward the best possible outcome in terms of sorting out exactly how much they owe and how they will pay for it. We always make sure our customers walk away knowing what their tax status is and how they can handle those taxes moving forward.

Tax Planning and Other Services

Finally, we also offer help with payroll and other financial services that may be relevant to your business. Make sure you are having the proper amount taken out from your employee’s checks, and always know that you are on the right path as far as holding out the proper amount from an employee’s check.

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